3-day Ayurvedic care

3-day Ayurvedic care


The Ayurvedic care includes well-being care, maintenance care and therapeutic care to obtain a quality of life and longevity.  Those cures harmonize body and health at all levels.  The treatments are based on pancha karma (PK, 5 actions) using tonification and purification therapies. PK is normally done over a long period of time (1 week to 1 month), starting with a proper preparation (purva karma), followed by elimination (pradham karma) and then tonification (praschat karma) or rasayana.


A simplified formulation following the same principles may be what you need.  This 3-day Ayurvedic care gives your body and mind the opportunity for relaxing, balancing the vitiated doshas (energetic concepts), and eliminating the malas (wastes).  It is a time to rediscover your Self, to appreciate the here and now, to live in the present away from the outside world.


The 3-day Ayurvedic care includes 4 hours each day of Ayurvedic therapies, brochure(s) on suggested use of time including activities, rest and specific diet in between therapies.  This maintenance care is recommended particularly after a stressful life episode such as an infection, a trauma, a chronic disorder, a stressful situation or just because you are tired and do not seem to regain your normal level of energy.  This treatment aims at reducing ama (toxins) and excess dosha(s).  It works at body and mind restoring energy levels and bringing harmony and well-being.