Prevention means to keep something from happening or existing.


Ayurveda is a preventive path to be practiced throughout life; it is considered the healing side of yoga.  Ayurvedic prevention is a holistic and unique way of maintaining health and balance in body, mind and spirit.  It is is a guide to help build immunity (ojas), to learn how to prevent and correct imbalances (vikruti) and to maintain individual health unique to each constitution (prakruti).


Prevention starts with what is happening in the digestive tract.  In Ayurveda, the digestive system is understood to be the master system of the physical body.  More and more scientific proof confirming the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system is available now. The gut is a planet densely populated with beneficial bacteria.  This microbiota can weigh up to 2 kg, and acts as decomposers, feeding our intestinal cells, producing vitamins, detoxifying toxins & medication and boosting our immunity.  Every individual possesses its unique cocktail of communities.  Optimizing the physiology of our digestive system is a first step to re-equilibrate our body and spirit to prevent and even cure health problems.


Food is more than ingredients that we consume; it feeds all our senses and the relation between what we eat and how we feel may be determinant in how and what we digest.  Food, lifestyle and routines associated with eating interact with the digestive processes.  Consequently, the interactions can and with time will affect, our tissues, organs and systems leading to imbalances.  Getting to know the food regime that meets our unique constitution and the impact of lifestyle and routines become an essential tool for a healthy life.  Ayurveda recognizes the right diet as the main factor in the treatment of the physical body.


Nutrition, daily routines and yoga are the basic ayurvedic principles for prevention and a healthy longevity.