Marma therapy

Mind-Body-Spiritual Connection – Marmani

Marma points are portals into the multidimensionality of life (Lad, V. 2015). Marma points are positions on the body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet. They represent junction points between consciousness and physiology. They are part of the three levels of energy centers that link the body to the mind and higher consciousness – the chakras, the nadis and the marma.  The seven chakras are energy centers located along the spine, the fourteen nadis are the subtle channels that run from the chakras to various parts of the body with the 107 marma are sensitive regions that develop from the nadis.  The marma points have a wide range of functions to harmonize, detoxify and heal body, mind and spirit.  They facilitate cellular communication, cleanse, pacify, rejuvenate, calm and settle mind and emotions, enhance awareness and clarity of perception.  Each marma point in linked to a dosha/subdosha, dhatu, organ or pathway, as well as connected to the nadis (subtle nerves) and chakras. When imbalances exist in the body, some energy points become sore because of toxins, stress and negative emotions that get lodged and can be held for years.


Marma chikitsa, Ayurvedic marma therapy, is based on ancient, field-tested knowledge with many similarities with acupuncture, except that it does not use needles.  Marma chikitsa is the precise art of touching an individual in exactly the right place at a critical moment in time for the purpose of healing (Lad, V., 2015).  Acupressure with fingers, essential oils and tuning fork are tools used in the precise massage of energy points (marmani) for therapeutic purposes.  Marma chikitsa is part of the touch therapy with abhyanga (massage), and is normally used in conjunction with other Ayurvedic therapies to open new pathways and engender changes in the neurochemistry, making us feel renewed, balanced and deeply connected to our spiritual world.  Let’s remember the ultimate goal of Ayurveda:  perfect health rooted in a vibrant alive body and fully awakened mind.


Now, let’s talk about the emotions.  Emotions are natural expressions and responses occurring in our daily interaction with the external world, a consequence of the outer world meeting the inner world, particularly the memory.  In few words, they are reactions to past memory.  They are vibrations arising from perception, developing into feelings; mind steps with all its stored-up memories creating thoughts carrying judgment.  Do we listen to our emotions?  Often, we are not conscious, or we control them, suppress them and store them.  The result is mental toxicity (ama).  This toxicity represents a blockage of the mind at a subtle level and obstruction within tissues, organs or channels.  This is where marma chikitsa will intervene, calming the mind and restoring circulation within pathways.


Marmani can regulate the flow of prana.  All perception, sensation, feeling, thought and emotion are vibrations of prana. Diseases take place in the pranic flow. Marma chikitsa is an integral part of Ayurvedic healing bringing a clearer mind, focused thoughts and a smooth flow of emotions.  It can be used for children (5 year and older) and adults. Specific marma formulas help create and bring balance according to one’s unique constitution and their current emotional and physical states.


You have been looking to bring balance into your life, to get a clear perception of where you going, to get that deep feeling of wellbeing, marma therapy is certainly part of the solution to help release toxins, to support you in your healing journey. If you practice yoga, then you can learn the connection between marmani and yoga asanas / pranayama / meditation, and add self-healing asanas to your practice.  Bring balance to your body, mind and spirit!


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