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Vata Imbalances: The Individual and the Planet

Who did not look for his/her keys one morning in a hurry, or vehicle in an endless parking lot? Or absorbed by the cell phone while walking, stumbling or encountering an obstacle? Or cook a recipe while watching TV and mix the wrong ingredients ??? Or spent 2 hours in front of the computer thinking it was only 10 minutes … Distractions are at the center of these setbacks. Being physically present in one place and mentally / emotionally elsewhere is what Ayurveda considers a Vata imbalance. What is Vata dosha? Vata is composed of elements air and ether. Vata represents above all mobility, movement, lightness, dryness and coldness. Unbalanced, ie in excess, it becomes anxiety, fear, multidirectional movements, hyperactivity, irresponsibility, flight (drugs or other), mental / emotional problems, etc. Do we live in a Vata era caused by multiple distractions leading to these imbalances ??? The answer is YES, when we look at the Planet and its inhabitants, we understand that time has come to realign our Vata tendencies personally, socially and economically.


Natural balance involves two other doshas, ​​Pitta (intelligent action, discernment) and Kapha (universal love, peace of mind and peace). Where are these two doshas? The good news, we all have in us these 3 doshas in varying degrees. But bad news, an unbalanced Vata pushes Pitta to react too rapidly with a lack of discernment, often negatively and with aggressivity, and pushes Kapha on a materialistic pathway with insensitive attachment and endless greed or simply apathy. The influence of Vata is immense and the consequences are very serious when all doshas become in excess…


We created this Vata Era, it is our responsibilty to bring it back to equilibrium. How to achieve it? It starts with everyone. Ayurveda and yoga suggest several ways to maintain our balances. Individually: take charge of your health with a diet adapted to your own constitution, maintain a routine of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hygiene, breathe, relax and take the time to live in self-respect and respect towards others. Nature is certainly a privileged place to slow down our urban rhythms, to appreciate and live in the present moment.  Being aligned with our Inner-Self is a first step. From the social point of view, several peaceful movements are emerging: a growing population is aware of the situation and makes its point of view. It is time to join forces towards a life in harmony with nature and our neighbors. Beware of the 2-edged knife, the modes of communication (web, advertising, TV, radio, etc …) are excellent tools to assert the positive forces of our society but they are too often used by the economic systems partly responsible for this excess Vata. It’s their diet! The time has come to change diets!   As for the economy, it is the pretext (distraction) “par excellence” to accelerate all the processes meaning no long term evaluation, and to favor a growing population which is no longer supported by the capacity of self-sufficiency of our planet … Is this really a reasonable economy or the human greed that speaks ???? Manipulation and control, excess Vata pushes Pitta and Kapha to excess!   On a positive note, the spirit of the human being is full of ingenuity, courage, strength and common sense. The future of Planet Earth is our responsibility; to flee our responsibilities is in itself a disordered Vata. Let’s consider the wisdom of the Ayurvedic and yogic traditions with their practical and reasonable principles in order to keep Earth and Earthlinks alive and balanced. Consciousness, discernment, good will and honesty are major ingredients for fulfillment.