Acid-Alkaline Balance – Part 1

Regulation of body fluid pH is one of the most important physiological functions of homeostasis, the ability to keep a constant internal environment.  Lungs, kidneys and buffers play a major role in eliminating acidity while maintaining homeostasis.  Ingested food is therefore of prime importance.   For example, acidity is greatly eliminated at night as revealed by the urine pH in the morning.  So morning breakfast should be more alkaline including veggie/fruit juices, nut butter, grains or whole grain bread instead of the American breakfast of egg, bacon, white toast & coffee.


According to Ayurveda, acidic saliva and or acidic urine is indicative of toxins in the system.  The terms acidic and alkaline are used in reference to the food we ingest.  As our digestive system is a kind of fire, the influence is that alkaline ash equals alkalinity in digestion and its effect on the body.  The same applies to acidic ash food.


Most life food diets are predominantly alkaline forming foods, although many fermented foods such as sauerkraut, seeds, cheese, raw pickles, etc… are acid forming.  Sprouting and soaking reduces acidity of seeds and nuts.


Alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables, are great detoxifiers of the body; they also feed the body and act as regenerators.  Potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium form alkaline reactions in the body. They are found mainly in fruits and vegetables.  Spices, herbs, almonds and grains are mainly alkaline.


Acidic foods slow down, inhibit or stop the detoxification process.  Acidic foods are also inflammatory and mucus forming.  They are high in sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen.  They include all meats, eggs, breads, beans, nuts, pasteurized dairy products, most sugar and cooked tomatoes. Eating an acidic diet leads to congestion and inflammation.  High consumption of dairy products has been linked to cancer of the lymphatic system, dairy consumption being stored or filtered through the lymphatic system.  Acidic diet can cause bone and muscle deterioration, kidney stones, and increase the risk of cancer, liver problems and heart disease.


The consumption of acid forming foods is reflected in the pH of urine or saliva.  A morning saliva or urine test result of 7.4 indicates a well functioning organism; from 5.8 to 6.8 it is slightly acidic and should be rectified, below 5.8 it is very acidic and needs immediate action to rectify the situation.


Our consumption of meat has almost double over the past 50 years.  Meat is rich in sulfured amino acids; their metabolism produces strong acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric and uric acid which can cause pH imbalances in the body.  21St century foods, environmental conditions, high level of stress, artificial and high speed reality are all factors pushing toward homeostasis imbalances.


Suggestions to reduce body’s acidity – Limit consumption of industrial foods, eat lots of fibers, drink herbal teas, reduce white flour, eat raw vegetables and fruits, reduce animal proteins, exercise and maintain good night sleep.


Summer blog will be a follow-up presenting a chart to guide you regain/maintain your pH equilibrium.

The path to healing is balance and care!