Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors consist of a wide group of chemicals or compounds (EDCs) that mimic the activity of our own hormones, disrupting our basic physiology and causing diseases, aches and pain.  EDCs can affect any endocrine system, from the reproductive organs to the thyroid, liver, pancreas and brain.  There is growing evidence for their involvement in accumulation of adipose tissue leading to obesity, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and carcinogenesis.  Sex changes in fishes, inflammatory (airways, asthma) and/or chronic diseases such as Alzheimer, autism, Crohn’s disease, thyroid cancer have also been linked to specific EDCs.  Many studies have demonstrated the potential effects of the EDCs on immunity, allergy, and autoimmune diseases.


During recent decades, more than 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced as common consumer products into our environment, including the air, water and soil; they are present in everyday products such as plastic bottles, metal cans, toys, cosmetics, pesticides and are used in the manufacturing of food as food additives and packaging.  They are also present in our drinking water, as municipal water and wastewater treatment systems do not remove these refractory chemicals…  70-95% of all medication that we take is filtered by our kidneys and rejected mainly in urine as the original medication unchanged and not degraded.


The immune system including organs, glands, cells, hormones and other bio-chemicals work normally in a harmonious manner.  When EDCs enter our bodies, the immune system responds to these aggressive chemicals leading to some form of inflammation.  And the worst part, is that we do not always know for sure what, how and when or for how long we have had these stressors in our bodies… 48% of the US population suffers from chronic disease and numbers are increasing.  It seems difficult to avoid the culprits as they find their way into our faucets, the air we breathe, the prepared foods we eat; so how can we depurate and protect ourselves?


Ayurveda views illnesses as a result of not doing what is right for each of us.  From the beginning of time, there were toxins and ways to detoxify.  From a right diet according to one’s constitution, to a healthy and responsible lifestyle, to a regular cure, there are many ways to protect and to heal oneself.  The Ayurvedic cures have a long history of being a necessity.  In the ancient times, in India, the kings used to leave for a good 5 weeks in an isolated hut for a cure with therapies, yoga and meditation.  Their heirs and/or ministers would rule during their absence.  This practice was seen as a must for people with high responsibilities to increase their capacities and to clear their minds.


Our challenges may have changed and increased as we face a daily contact with a cocktail of synthetic chemicals including EDCs and pollutants.  An Ayurvedic cure is not just for kings anymore.  It is becoming a must for everybody.  An ayurvedic cure is a personalized approach to remove toxins (PK or detox/purification), to rejuvenate (rasayana) and to tonify as a mean to instill prevention.  The duration varies from few days to few weeks.  Depending of the conditions, it can be done partially (weekly and/or seasonally) or yearly for a complete cure.  Nutrition, lifestyle, various therapies, yoga, meditation/relaxation can all be part of a cure designed specifically for one’s health conditions.


Your health is precious.  Consider an ayurvedic cure to regain your well-being.