Immunity and Wellbeing

According to Larousse, immunity is the condition of an organism that resists infection without pathological manifestations. The body acts without reacting. Dose, frequency, and duration of exposure are the 3 external factors to consider in order to limit contagion. However, the healthiest way, and all too often overlooked, is to strengthen our immunity. Strong immunity is well-being and vice-versa.  Recently, we observed in India 3 health factors in individuals positive for Covid but asymptomatic: they lived a simple life surrounded by a rich microbial environment, and ate a natural diet.  Their immunity was strong.  Particular situation, perhaps, but let’s see it with a hindsight: attitude towards life, living environment, and diet. Now what about stress?  It is the body’s first line of defense linked to the perception of what surrounds us and the interpretation we make of it … One-off / occasional stress is normal, but chronic stress is not and it reduces immunity.


In Ayurveda, OJAS immunity represents vitality, vigor, resilience, and emotional and spiritual health. Good immunity begins with good digestion, assimilation and elimination of both the food consumed and the emotions experienced. Then follows a cheerful state of mind, living the present moment, smiling at life, and appreciating nature of which we are an integral part. In this regard, Ayurveda locates immunity in the heart (anahata). So the more etheric portion of immunity (para ojas) is nurtured by self-love, true love. Balanced ojas gives your mind the ability to endure stress, stabilizes emotions and brings self-awarenessand and contentment.  Immunity, according to Ayurveda, is therefore much broader than allopathic medicine suggests.


A holistic approach, some humor, a smile which is unique to humankind, these are a good start to boost your immunity.   Diet, hygiene, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are all responsible and involved in maintaining healthy and strong immunity.  Start with what seems most obvious to you, and progress at your own pace.


Food (Ahara):

• Eat fresh, organic food appropriate to the constitution (Dosha) and the season Hydrate with water / herbal teas, room temperature / hot

• Add spices / herbs to the menu for better digestion

• Probiotics to improve anti-viral immune activity

• Prebiotic – foods containing fiber (inulin) found in vegetables, whole grains, chicory/dandelion root

• Green tea – antioxidant with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties


Hygiene (Saucha):

• Purity and cleanliness of hands, body and mind (saucha)

• Brush the tongue and gargle (gandusha) daily

• Pot Neti and Nasya to keep the airways high, clean and fortified

• Diffuse essential oils to purify the surrounding air and keep a clear mind

• The physical / emotional: Reduce stress, live the present moment in harmony with nature (walking / hiking / games)

• Slow down your pace of life by practicing relaxation / meditation / pranayama / yoga 7-8 hours daily sleep


The mind / the spiritual:

• Take a step back in the face of difficult situations, learn to disconnect from the outside world in order to better reconnect with oneself and calm the mind

• Listening / practicing music and singing / chanting to uplift the spirit

• Live your creativity in joy

• Appreciation / Contentment (santosha)


Strenghten the immunity, the real solution!