Ayurveda, a tool for life

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live”  Jean-Paul Sartre.


There are many physico-spiritual approaches of how to live.  However, who, where and when is it taught outside a religious, cultural, scholar system?  Is it currently erased by a binary system?  It is really a difficult question and there is more than one answer.  But the starting basis is philosophical.  And I’ll start with that.


Ayurveda relies mainly on the Sankhya philosophy which addresses common questions about life itself:


Who are we?  At the core, we are all the same, we are a materialization of an intangible soul.


Where did we come from? We are the manifestation of pure consciousness and pure potential.


Why are we here?  To experience learning about ourselves, to witness our experience, to connect to our divine soul (not the ego).


Where are we going?  The goal of life is for our soul to find its way home, to develop awareness and realize our true nature.


How do we get there?  Through the process of growing awareness.  Our entire life is about learning, learning to separate what is real from what is illusion.


The Sankhya philosophy is also at the origin of the different paths of yoga, Karma yoga (actions), Bhakti yoga (devotion), Jnana yoga (knowledge) and Raja yoga subdivided into hatha yoga.  Yoga is about Self-realization (centering, auto-discovery) offering technics to individually grow awareness, presence, consciousness leading to serenity.


Ayurveda is the other side of the coin taking care of mind- body to achieve enlightenment.  In the West, Yoga seems often a physical activity and Ayurveda less physical more spiritual.  But the primary goal of Ayurveda is to keep mankind healthy.  Health is not just physical; it covers all our realms -mental, emotional and spiritual.  We all have this fundamental drive, desire for longevity and,  “immortality”.  Immortality is, in a spiritual sense, a form of enlightenment.  But often, we see immortality only from a physical standpoint, and it is probably why most of us fear death.  We do not realize that our actions, through verbal and written expressions can persist for millennium…  and more.  And we should realize that the fear of death is and had been used immemorable times for oppression and coercion.


Ayurveda answers the question, how do we keep the body healthy so we can grow awareness and reach our true nature?  As you may know by now, food for the mind with a pacifying routine including connecting with Nature, and food for the body with natural organic foods adapted to your own constitution are a first step.  Following is a set of hygienic routine for the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and if needed, various ayurvedic therapies for body and mind to maintain wellbeing.  Ayurveda provides a learning experience to develop awareness and brings solutions to rebalance the organic systems.  Finally, the actual Era of electronic technology has created Vata imbalances in air-ether – too fast, too much movement, too many tasks, not enough space nor human connectedness.  In the body, air represents the movement of nerve impulses, the breath and the limbs; in the mind, air is the force that moves thought; ether in the body represents space and in the mind, consciousness.


How to realign your energetic field and simplify your life:

Renew with you life force:  organize, recuperate, make reserve, perceive and adjust the mind set.


To answer Jean-Paul Sartre, everything will never be completely figured out, but the tools exist to get vitality, self confidence and to enjoy a peaceful, happy life.  The secret is:  we should not wait for others whomever they are to fulfill our Earth mission!


“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project”

Napoleon Hill