Ayurveda and Healing

  Healing is a state of being.  Every moment, the body repairs, rebuilds and restarts our metabolic and cellular activities to maintain homeostasis, which is the balance between all our organic systems.  This equilibrium is our overall health.  And health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   But...

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Ayurveda, a tool for life

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live”  Jean-Paul Sartre.   There are many physico-spiritual approaches of how to live.  However, who, where and when is it taught outside a religious, cultural, scholar system?  Is it currently erased by a binary system?  It is really a...

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Ayurveda and the Soul

Healing comes from within; creating inner peace is the key ingredient!   Last blog focused on external perceptions affecting our life and how specific ayurvedic routines can bring healing to our deepest emotions and physical imbalances.  The winter blog will bring the ayurvedic perspective of unicity, tendencies,...

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Ayurveda and Environment

“It’s the separation from nature, and the desire to control it, that has so many of us feeling unwell.”  Myra Lewin “Ayurveda and Yoga are ways to learn and navigate Oneself within the Surroundings.”   Environment is defined as our surroundings.  It is a composite of internal...

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Ayurveda et aromatherapie

Aromatherapy and Health Balance

"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners." William Shakespeare “The way to health is to take an aromatic bath and an odoriferous massage every day” Hippocrates (approx. 400BC)   We have arrived at this season which brings us the fragrant smells of flowers and plants, and...

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Flavors and Taste – Part 2

  To taste and to savour, this perception that we occasionally lose with certain infections.  Taste is associated with the 2nd chakra; the chakra of desire, sense of responsibility, rationality and water metabolism, going far beyond the physical aspect of taste.   When we talk about tasting, we...

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The Niyamas

The Niyamas are the 2nd of the 8 branches (limbs) of Raja yoga developed by Patanjali (Yoga's Sutras circa 200CE). The Niyamas represent rules or principles of personal behavior. These personal qualities develop in a person living a life in harmony with him/herself, with others...

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Pranayama ayurveda

Pranayama, the power of Breath

What is pranayama? Prana and Ayama Pranayama is a combination of 2 words – prana meaning the breath of life, respiration, vitaity, energy power and spirit. Prana creates, sustains and illuminates the universe linking it to the source and essence of life. It manifests itself as...

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