Ayurveda and the Soul

Healing comes from within; creating inner peace is the key ingredient!


Last blog focused on external perceptions affecting our life and how specific ayurvedic routines can bring healing to our deepest emotions and physical imbalances.  The winter blog will bring the ayurvedic perspective of unicity, tendencies, qualities and homeostasis (balance) for a harmonious relationship with your self.


We are all in a quest for peace and happiness.  I remember an old story about humans searching in the deep seas, in the far away galaxies, in isolated areas, in untouched/pristine forests/jungles, in old civilization (archaeological sites), in new technologies and farfetched microcosm, to understand themselves and never looking within…


Every microsecond our physiology is taking care of maintaining a healthy balance between our cells, organs and systems; but what about our consciousness?  What happen with our deep seated awareness (our little voice) the soul?  How are we taking care of it?  I am afraid we may be left to believe that replacing consciousness by an implant will cure all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances…


We all have a unique set of qualities.  Ayurveda calls it our prakruti (constitution).  Unicity comes from particular proportions of physical attributes, 3 doshas  (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha), of mental attributes, 3 humors (Prana, Tejas and Ojas), and psycho-spiritual states of consciousness, 3 gunas (qualities) called (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas).


Let’s not be tangled by terminology, we are complex living creatures able to improve our psycho-spiritual state toward more Sattva (wisdom).  Too often our actions are controlled by expectations.  This will serve the senses / the ego.  On the opposite, are actions led by the soul to bring harmony and a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.  Ayurveda provides a path for a safe journey toward spiritual awareness and to nurture our sacred dimension.


To better understand (Sattva), the awareness, you can fill up the table below to check where you stand:  what are your tendencies/ qualities, do you express those attributes often and/or with Intensity?


EMOTIONS Scale 1-10
(1 mildest, 10 strongest)
Frequency:  how often? Personality: qualities for developing Sattva Scale 1-10

(1 mildest 10 strongest)

Frequency: how often?
Worry Creative
Anxiety Enthusiastic
Overwhelmed Vivacious
Fear Faithful – Trusting
Self-destructiveness Thoughtful
Anger Philosophical
Resentment Perceptive
Jealousy Disciplined
Intensity Logical
Rage/violence Calm & stable
melancholy Unconditional loving
Depression Flexible
Stubborn Letting go


For each emotion with a score higher than 4 and/or a daily or few days frequency:


  • rajas emotions are rebalanced by the practice of compassion and patience
  • tamas emotions are rebalanced by practicing altruism and generosity.


Regarding personality and sattvic qualities, a high score and frequency suggested you are well equipped to support the development of unconditional love, contentment and internal peace.


Wishing you time for reflection away from the influence of the media to create inner peace.


Enjoy the Holiday Season!