Ayurveda and Healing


Healing is a state of being.  Every moment, the body repairs, rebuilds and restarts our metabolic and cellular activities to maintain homeostasis, which is the balance between all our organic systems.  This equilibrium is our overall health.  And health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


But who has the first word? According to Ayurveda, the origin of diseases is in the digestive system which transforms, assimilates food and rejects waste for the benefit of the entire body. A preventive approach therefore involves diet.


And who has the last word?  It is the state of being that heals: the mental, emotional and spiritual state.  So I thought that during this summer period, moving towards joy, laughter and humour was in order.  Laughter strengthens immunity, increases pain tolerance, improves cardiovascular health, sleep and mood and counteracts stress.  Presented to you are funny, serious and even wise quotes for a summer reflection.


  • Czech proverb:  Cheerfulness is half of health.
  • Kant: Amusing reading is as useful to health as exercising the body”
  • Walsh: The health of a person is proportional to the amount of laughter”
  • Schopenhauer: Nine-tenths of our happiness lies in our health. With her, everything becomes a source of pleasure.
  • Provencal proverb:  Garlic is to health what perfume is to roses.
  • A.Brillat-Savarin:  What is health? It’s chocolate!
  • Mark Twain:  The best way to stay healthy is to eat what you don’t want to eat, drink what you don’t want to drink, and do the things you don’t like to do.
  • J.B. Bussuet:  “Health depends more on precautions than on medications”.
  • Persian proverb:  Three things cannot be obtained through the other 3: wealth through desire, youth through makeup and health through medicine.  
  • Socrates:  Is there anything more precious to man than health?
  • Washington: Early to bed and early to rise brings health, fortune and wisdom.
  • Gervais: If we had to take care of our health the way we take care of having fun, then we would never be sick.
  • Kofi Annan:  The seeds of healthy aging are sown early.
  • E.E. Baulieu:  We must define the framework for healthy longevity.  Aging is not an illness.
  • Voiture: The secret to having health is that the body moves and the mind rests.
  • Chaplin: Humor strengthens our survival instinct and safeguards our sanity.
  • Chakor: Health is a precious capital that must be constantly nourished with good deeds. Homer: Health is a healthy mind, in a healthy body.
  • Thibaudeau: This total perfection: health, friendship and love.


Put smiles, laughter, and humor in the spotlight this summer for a season of healing and total well-being!

Time for reflexion and fun!