Ayurveda and Environment

“It’s the separation from nature, and the desire to control it, that has so many of us feeling unwell.”  Myra Lewin

“Ayurveda and Yoga are ways to learn and navigate Oneself within the Surroundings.”


Environment is defined as our surroundings.  It is a composite of internal and external aspects, physiology (will be addressed in the Winter Blog) physical, mental, emotional, spiritual realms, from our room, apartment/house, tools (electric/electronic apparatus, deco of all types…), garden, city, country, planet earth, universe plus our verbal, written and computer connections with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, which all basically bear a specific type of relationship and produce a particular state of body-mind.


Where is the time in all these surroundings to THINK independently, to connect with our true nature, and to stay healthy?  The point is, we are often influenced beyond our awareness by the environment we live on and/or we are pushed in.


Ayurveda with its sister sciences Yoga and Vastu Shastra (environmental well-being), are beautiful approaches to radiate positive energy and maintain joy and happiness during all stages of life.  It brings the right environment for centering and accrued consciousness to live at peace.


Ayurveda and Yoga propose 5 fundamental principles to create the right surrounding – environment:


1. proper diet according to your own constitution –  we all are a holistic built of the 5 elements found on earth (air, ether, fire, water and earth) and have a unique pattern of the 3 doshas – Vata consists of air/ether, movement & lightness, Pitta is fire/water, the drive to achieve, Kapha is water/earth, the stability & homeostasis.  Natural foods possess those elements in various proportions; it is common sense to keep balance with the foods that stabilize our constitution…  The hic is that artificial foods, GMO, do not carry those benefits…  Food is and should be the daily healing provider.


2. Proper exercises – our body needs to move, again moderation is the secret for not hurting oneself… From asanas to walking, swimming, any gentle exercise can be practiced during all stages of life while stronger exercises should be limited to earlier part of life to respect your unique constitution and stage of life.


3.  Proper breathing – the control of breath has many benefits to heal the body and calm the mind.  Remember next time you take a walk in Nature, stop for a moment, then take a long breath and exhale pushing your shoulders down and a smile will appear at your lips…  it is the moment you reconnect yourself with Nature…


4. Proper relaxation – as important as the exercises, try yoga nidra, a deep relaxation to help release tension, stress and blockages in body and mind.  Yoga nidra is about letting go and being in the present moment.  The yoga ultimate relaxing pose, Savasana, is the total letting go of tensions for relaxing the body.  It provides a stable environment to enhance clarity of thoughts.


5. Positive thinking – Meditation is a simple way to provide the proper environment to quiet your mind and enhance positive thinking.  It is basically sitting down, breathing and keeping the focus on the breath or a calm image to bring a Mona Lisa smile on your face and /or slow down your overactive mental state !


Isolation of the past years has depleted us from healthy connections and social nurturing.  A better awareness of our environment and what’s keeps us healthy is essential for the present and future of humanity.  We need to connect with Nature to create the life of sustainable happiness we deserve…