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Respect (Ahimsa) and Truth (Satya)

What are respect (Ahimsa) and truth (Satya) in 2021 and the links between them? 

Ahimsa is non-aggressiveness, non-harming, first of the five practices of the moral disciplines in Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutras, the yamas.  It is a capital virtue in all major religio-spiritual traditions of the world (1).   It is a manifestation of pure love.


The Yamas are rules for social conduct; the 1st Ahimsa, is non-violence, non-hurting, not wishing harm to any creature in thought, word or deed.  It is the most important attitude to cultivate.  It begins by respecting one’s own body and extending this respect to all other beings in the world (3).  It is taking responsibility for our world and understanding the link between all creations.  It is cultivating a sense of unity, truthfulness.


Unity, truthfulness or Satya, is the 2nd yama and refers to sincerity, honesty, purity, absence of distortions. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras says:“To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient (to truth)”, which ultimately means that by continuing to practice honesty, our life experiences become the results of this honesty and truth, and no longer based on fear or ignorance.  Assuming everyone was to lie and be dishonest all the time, could we as individuals and as a society survive?  The answer is no as it leads to chaos sucking us into darkness (1).  Satya is based on the understanding that honest communication forms the basis for any relationship or community. Satya (honesty) follows Ahimsa (non-violence). In few words, respecting One Self or Others resides in being honest (telling the truth).


Now, where is the respect for Oneself, Others and Mother Earth? 

We used to get information from regional newspapers and local radio TV stations.  Now with internet and the media owned by one or a few large groups, all information can be highly controlled resulting in the creation of fear, confusion with fake news, real news, same news overly repeated…  Do we respect One Self and Mother Nature? “ The answer my friend” is NO.  We are part of Nature; if the planet is not in good shape, we are not either.  As Ayurveda teaches us, we get ill when we forget our own nature as spirit; when our intellect become disconnected from our soul, and with the excess motion of mind and body, all of that has become the actual way of life.  It is time to reconnect with our deep natural qualities of Honesty, Love, Compassion and Empathy.


How those spiritual virtues have and will impact the future of humanity on Earth?

The foundation of ethics relies in the natural human desire (rights and liberty) to be happy (5). How can peace and love resides on Earth while respect and truth are not in the agenda of our ruling actual leaders?  Coercion, oppression, manipulation, segregation are all negative/destructive energy; they are not the ingredients for happiness.  To cite Voltaire – Morality resides in the heart of all humans; it is similar for all humans using their wisdom (4). The wisdom of Life itself is beyond any opinions and dogmas (2). Inner peace must be our dominant force. (2).


Are we going back to the dark ages?  Here is an answer  https://c2cjournal.ca/2021/01/how-climate-covid-19-and-the-great-reset-are-taking-us-back-to-the-middle-ages/


Or, After 2000 years, Why not a new Era to foster Respect, Honesty and Peace! 


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