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Vata Imbalances: The Individual and the Planet

Who did not look for his/her keys one morning in a hurry, or vehicle in an endless parking lot? Or absorbed by the cell phone while walking, stumbling or encountering an obstacle? Or cook a recipe while watching TV and mix the wrong ingredients ???...

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ayurvedic cooking workshops

Ayurvedic cooking workshops: Winter and Spring

Food choices, tastes and spices of ayurvedic cooking, preparation of simple and well balanced recipes with delicious flavors, enjoying the prepared meal (ovo-lacto vegetarian) and booklet of recipes provided to participants.   Visit our page Ayurvedic Cooking for more information.   Register now via email here or by phone: 819 571-6491!   Looking...

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Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors consist of a wide group of chemicals or compounds (EDCs) that mimic the activity of our own hormones, disrupting our basic physiology and causing diseases, aches and pain.  EDCs can affect any endocrine system, from the reproductive organs to the thyroid, liver, pancreas...

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Inflammation according to Ayurveda

Inflammation is a protective response of the body subsequent to a physical aggression (trauma), a chemical aggression (artificial chemicals) or a biological invasion (pathogens/toxins) resulting in pain, skin reactions, swollen tissues and/or functional loss.  Inflammation can result from stress, being overweight or having a diet...

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